"This remarkable collaboration is a haunting meditation on the human struggle to articulate the ineffable"
Jane Shilling @ The Daily Telegraph (4 stars) - See the full article

"An experience of spellbinding poetic unity...thanks to the assured orchestration of Jonathan Holmes's production"
Paul Taylor @ The Independent (4 stars) - Read the full article

"Freighted with allusion and evocation...hauntingly staged by Jonathan Holmes"
Richard Morrison @ The Times (4 stars) - Read the full article

"Proof that micro-theater has its rewards...as piercing a stage presence as ever" - Matt Wolf @ The New York Times
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"This is an inspired act…Beckett's texts are given colour by the symphonic scale of Alan Howard's voice" - Timothy Ramsden @ Reviewsgate.com
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"Alan Howard......staring into the abyss of his own devastated humanity" - Michael Coveney @ What's On Stage
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