"Do not miss this! … a theatrical experience that will leave you astonished that such a disaster could happen in the First World. Book before it sells out and you kick yourself for missing it!"  (What's On Stage) - Read the full article

"As riveting an example of site-specific theatre as I've seen"  (The Times Critics Choice) - Read the full article

"The stories build up a staggering picture of official lies and personal heroism" (The Guardian) - Read the full article

"[The production]… has a heart-stopping directness."  - Daily Telegraph

"Hurricane Katrina was an ill wind that blew New Orleans no good, except in theatrical terms: Jonathan Holmes's uplifting, moving, promenade piece should blow you away… It protests, educates, asks for empathy and does this outstandingly well exposing the failure of the US government to cope with the crisis."   - The Observer (Kate Kellaway)

"The strong cast conveys the spectacular outrage of the situation to make this odyssey a moving and enthralling experience"  - The Stage

"Holmes' theatrical sensibility is undeniably powerful"  - London Evening Standard

"Painful, pungent and bleakly comic"  (The Independent) - Read the full article