Revolution Square

Revolution Square, a work in progress, was a collaboration with The Bush Theatre tat ran from 12th - 17th March 2012 at 
The Bush.

It was written and directed by Jonathan Holmes and performed by Dolya Gavanski, Helen Masters and Sian Rees. Lucy Wilkinson designed it, Mary Halton was Stage Manager, and Lucy Oliver-Harrison produced.

We are embarking on our most ambitious project yet; a reflection on the tumultuous last quarter century of Russian history, from the end of the Soviet Union until the present day.

The work will premiere in late 2013.The capitalist revolution that gripped the country in the 1990s is little understood outside Russia, except by specialists, but like the Communist revolutions of 1917 it was an event of global magnitude.
Our intention is to examine this phenomenal moment, in which a
world superpower auctioned itself off in a matter of weeks, and to
trace its repercussions elsewhere and particularly in London
(also known as 'Moscow on Thames').  

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